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Project Description

Enables gadgets in MobileCenter for EPiServer CMS 6.


This project is connected to the EPiServer MobileCenter application for Apple iOS. It enables your site to provide gadget information to the mobile device and also makes it possible to use some specific gadgets added for this purpose.
In the solution there are three projects; Google Analytics Gadgets by Jarle Friestad, iPhone Example Gadgets and the iPhone Library.

Google Analytics Gadgets is developed by Jarle Friestad with minor changes for iOS device usage. It contains three gadgets showing analytics information such as browsers, demographics and visitor statistics.

iPhone ExampleGadgets contains two gadgets showing how to utilize the iPhone Library. Create News which makes it possible to create news pages from the mobile device and seeing Recently changed pages based on ChangeLog and EPiDiff.

iPhone Library contains the code to show one gadget and also the code for the webservice. In order to develop your own "specific" gadgets you add a reference to iPhone Library.


To be able to use this project EPiServer CMS 6 is required.


See the official page for more information:
Download the MobileCenter app from App store/iTunes:
Support for the MobileCenter App:

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