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Installing MobileCenter Package for EPiServer CMS 6

Before users can access the website using MobileCenter app, the web service needs to be added to EPiServer CMS. The web.config file also needs to be configured and user permissions set up to access the web service in Admin mode.
When you download the MobileCenter package for EPiServer CMS 6, you have the following installation options:
  • Quick installation, which is a compressed module installation for IIS 7 that makes all the changes in web.config for you.
  • Manual installation, which is recommended for IIS6 and enterprise environment, or if you want to make all the changes manually.

Sample Gadgets

The download file includes a number of sample gadgets that can be used to get started building your own iPhone gadgets. The following sample gadgets are included in the package:
  • Recently changed pages
  • Create news
  • Browser statistics
  • Visitor statistics
  • Demographics

Step1: Installing the Package

Quick Installation

Install the iPhone app package as follows:
  1. Open EPiServer Deployment Center, and select the option Install a Module from a Compressed File.
  2. Download the zip file from, and select Extract all on right-click.
  3. In Select EPiServer module file to install, browse to the installation file.
  4. In Install options, keep Overwrite existing files with the same name and Apply configuration changes selected. Click Next.
  5. Select your site and click Next.

Manual Installation

Install the iPhone App package manually as follows:
  1. Download the zip file from, and select Extract all on right-click.
  2. Locate the files needed to enable MobileCenter for iOS. Put these files in the root of your site so that bin merges with the existing bin folder, followed by adding the web.config changes.
  3. Under path /configuration/ you add the following module definitions for iPhone activator, Google Analytics and example gadgets:
 <add name="iPhoneGadgetLib" >
        <add assembly="iPhoneLibrary" />
    <add name="iPhoneExampleGadgets" >
        <add assembly="EPiServer.Research.iPhoneGadgets" />
    <add name="AnalyticsGadget" >
        <add assembly="AnalyticsGadget" />
  • Enable basic authentification to securely connect to the dashboard and the web service from the iOS app. For IIS 7 add a module under /configuration/system.webServer/modules:
 <add name="BasicAuthentication"
type="EPiServer.Security.BasicAuthentication, EPiServer" /> 
  • You also need to add appSettings information for the Analytics gadget under /configuration:
      <add key="AnalyticsGadget.Username" value="username"  />
      <add key="AnalyticsGadget.Password" value="password" />
  • To make the web service to understand pages for uploading files, add a pageHandler under the location path for web services:
 <location path="WebServices" 
          <add name="PageHandlerFactory-Integrated" path="*.aspx" verb="GET,HEAD,POST,DEBUG" type="System.Web.UI.PageHandlerFactory" modules="ManagedPipelineHandler" scriptProcessor="" resourceType="Unspecified" requireAccess="Script" allowPathInfo="false" preCondition="integratedMode" responseBufferLimit="4194304" __keyAttributes="name"/>
          <add name="wildcard" path="*" verb="*" type="EPiServer.Web.StaticFileHandler, EPiServer" />

Step 2: Setting up Access Rights

In order to have a user safely connect from the iOS device to the gadgets and the dashboard in EPiServer CMS, the user needs access rights to the dashboard and to the web service. Proceed in Admin mode as follows:
  1. On the Config tab, select Security > Permissions for Functions.
  2. In Allow the user to act as a web service user, click Edit.
  3. Configure web.config as follows:
 <location path="tUI">
        <allow roles="YourUsergroup,WebEditors, WebAdmins, Administrators" />
        <deny users="*" />

<location path="WebServices">
   <allow roles=" YourUsergroup ,WebServices,Administrators" />
   <deny users="*" />

Step 3: Activating Gadgets for Your Web Site

Once the package has been installed by simply adding the iPhone Activator gadget in EPiServer CMS, you can specify which gadgets you want to activate for the iOS device.

Note! Some features, for example, Silverlight, Flash and non-Safari specific styling will not work. Only select gadgets that do not use these features.

Set up the gadgets in the iPhone mobile as follows:
  1. In EPiServer OnlineCenter, select the iPhone Activator gadget to activate one or several gadgets from the list you want to use in your mobile.
  2. Download the MobileCenter iOS app from App Store.

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muralikrishnak Jul 11, 2011 at 2:18 PM 
Hi i am new to this concept........In using Mobile gadgets......we have to connect our iphone device? or there is any emulator device to check? pls reply if anybody knows this issue......thanks in advance

chrisntr Jan 13, 2011 at 5:20 PM 
I've tried getting this set up going the manual root. When I go into the app and go to the /WebServices/iPhoneGadgets.asmx I just get back a "Incorrect link" page.
In the log files I'm getting back a "2011-01-13 17:21:34,861 [1] EPiServer.Events.Remote.RemoteEventsManager.RegisterHandler(:0) - Remote Events are disabled" even though Remote Events should be enabled.

We have removed a lot of the un-needed configuration from EPiServer (all the WCF bits) and we're running purely from the EPiServer DLLs and NOT from an installed version of EPiServer.